to Inoculants and Acids

BULLETPROOF® is fundamentally different from acids and inoculants, because every ingredient enhances fermentation.

  • Unique enzymes convert more complex carbohydrates in the forage to sugars. The water-soluble carbohydrate combines with enzyme-produced sugars to result in more sugars being available for the naturally occurring, lactic acid-producing bacteria.
  • This unique combination of ingredients allows for a more rapid and efficient fermentation by lactic acid-producing bacteria naturally present on forage. Sulfur-containing antioxidants limit growth of undesirable yeast and molds.
  • BULLETPROOF®'s unique combination of ingredients allows for less heat and more rapid drying in the bales. That means you can bale sooner and retain more nutrients.
  • Bacterial inoculants are less forgiving on the farm — meaning that these live organisms must be applied in a relatively limited window of time.
  • Acids require a high application rate, can be corrosive and are difficult to handle.
  • BULLETPROOF® is non-corrosive compared to other acid preservatives and does not require any special handling license.