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Proper hay and silage management is essential for successful forage harvest and storage. Chopping and/or baling at the correct moisture level and proper packing are needed to exclude as much oxygen from the forage mass as possible.

Field research shows the effectiveness of BULLETPROOF® in reducing dry matter loss (DM loss) at several stages of harvest and storage — protecting your bottom line from big holes in profitability.

Forage Preservative

Corn Silage Research

This study tracked the effectiveness of BULLETPROOF® on corn silage fermentation.

Corn Silage and HMSC

  BULLETPROOF® Competitor
Yeast Count 30,000,000 130,000,000
Mold Count 900,000 3,100,000

2009 Central WI High Moisture Shelled Corn Trial

  BULLETPROOF® Competitor Untreated
Yeast Count <1,000 90,000 30,000,000
Mold count <1,000 3,000 40,000
pH 3.97 4.36 4

2010 Indiana Corn Silage Trial (35 days fermented)

The higher the yeast and mold counts, the more likely feed is to go bad. In this study BULLETPROOF® again proves its value in helping reduce lost silage.

Alfalfa Research

A recent study tracked three, 20-ton bags of first-cutting alfalfa: one left untreated, one treated with acid and one treated with BULLETPROOF®. Each bag or treatment was fermented for 82 days and the remaining haylage was weighed.

Results showed the BULLETPROOF® treatment had a lower yeast and mold growth compared to other treatments, resulting in the least DM loss.

DM Loss
Untreated 6.27%
Acid Product 2.97%

BULLETPROOF® helps producers significantly reduce dry matter loss and retain more silage for livestock.


BULLETPROOF® helps preserve silage in silos or bunkers, adding up to less feed loss over the year. In this study, silage treated with BULLETPROOF® retained at 98.59% after 82 days in storage, performing much better than the other options.